Food glorious food

A couple of years ago I asked my son what I could get for his girlfriend for Christmas. Having given it some thought he came back with a suggestion that as they were in the process of buying their first home together, that she would really like me to write down recipes I use as she would like to start and make a collection.  Many times I had seen on cookery programs, such as Nigella Lawson, where they will refer to a note book from their mother or grandmother with tried and tested recipes contained within, with little anecdotes written alongside in the margins.  Although they all left home with the ability to cook I had never thought about writing recipes down.  As with most women anything we make on a regular basis is firmly installed in our heads and anything else we can usually put our hand immediately to the cookery book  we need.  I set about purchasing a Recipe Scrapbook and filled it with all the things I love to make and presented it to her on Christmas morning. I did tell her if she didn't like it, it was his idea, fortunately she loved it and has continued adding more recipes to it.  I so enjoyed making her recipe book that I thought I would share some of  my favourites here with you. 




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