Thursday, 31 May 2018

Waffles and ice cream baby blanket

So anyone who knows me will tell you I have an A'level in waffle but not so in waffle stitch. That is until now. I have persevered and finally worked out how to do waffle stitch and as this is such a ground breaking moment for me I thought I would share it with you and hopefully one or two of you will find this of benefit.

The yarn I used is Stylecraft Special DK in parchment and cream and you will need 400g of parchment or your chosen main colour and 100g of cream or the contrast colour of your choice. You may decide to use one solid colour for both in which case you will need 500g in total and a 3.5mm hook. The completed size is 22 x 28 inches and the cost of the wool should be approximately £10 or $12.

For a test piece chain 22 and follow the instructions below, when working on the blanket  you need to work in multiples of 3 + 1, for my blanket I made 99 + 1 chain in parchment. This size will fit a pram, crib or car seat. You can if you wish make it bigger just remember to increase the width in multiples of 3. when it comes to the length of the  blanket I worked 99 rows including the foundation row but you can of course continue to the length you require. To finish off I worked one more row (row 100) by completing one more foundation row which gives you an even finish.

So how do you do waffle stitch?

The 1st row is your foundation row: from 2nd chain next to the hook  (as indicated by the needle in the photo) make your first treble

then continue to treble in each of the chain spaces to the last stitch then turn.

chain 2 you will continue to chain 2 every time you start a new row.

The next two rows will form the waffle pattern.

1st repeat row - Treble in the first stitch (as indicated in the photo)

FPTC (Front Post Treble Crochet)

then FPTC (Front Post Treble crochet) in the next stitch  putting your yarn around the hook then drop down to the treble stitch below put your hook behind the treble stitch wrap your yarn around the hook and pull back through and then yarn around the hook pull through the first two loops on your hook then yarn round the hook pull yarn through remaining 2 stitches this now forms your FPTC stitch now treble into the tops of the next two stitches. This process will form the 1st row of your waffle pattern. Continue to make one FPTC followed by a treble in the tops of each of the next two stitches to the last two stitches FPTC and treble into turning stitch and turn

Chain 2 - 2nd repeat row - Treble into top of first stitch next to turning stitches. Treble into top of FPTC, then FPTC into next two trebles and repeat this process to last two stitches. Treble into the top of the last two stitches. and turn.

Chain 2

1st and 2nd row repeat rows form waffle pattern.

4 rows + foundation row
For the border using cream or your contrast colour and starting two stitches from the corner complete two rows of double crochet your  third row will be of bobble stitch row.

To make your bobble stitch

double crochet into the first stitch then in the second make your bobble stitch by pulling yarn over, insert into next double crochet, yarn over, pull through  (you now have 3 loops on your hook) , yarn over, pull through first two loops on the hook repeat until you have 7 loops  on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all loops to complete your bobble.

Continue with one double crochet and one bobble stitch until you have completed a round and finish off

and there you have it my first waffle and bobble blanket and how I made it. 



  1. Super wonderful instructions, to those who are talented, I'm sure.

    The knitting gene passed me by. But daughter and daughter-in-law, and grand daughters, all knit.

    I will put your suggestion, for easy commenting, on top of my blog soon. Thank you.

    Today, I am just moaning and groaning, about how many people _read_ my blog. And how few, bother to comment. -sigh- I sort of have to do this "moan and groan," periodically. To get it 'out of my system.'

    It's high time, I simply accept it, I know. And most of the time, I do. I just blog, that which I want to blog. And that should be enough for me.

    But I have yet, to have this Wisdom, stick!!! LOL

    1. The sewing machine and quilting gene passed me by and yet my mothers side of the family were all seamstresses going back generations. I did manage to get the knitting gene and later found my crocheting and cross stitching gene hidden in a cupboard :-)
      Blogging does seem to go in and out of fashion like so many things. I did stop for a while but decided to give it another go earlier this year. I get a lot of visitors and sometimes I get quite a few comments and others very few I suppose it just depends how much time people have to leave a comment. At least I know I am getting the views so I don't feel I am wasting my time. Hope things get better for you.


    2. Thank you so much, for coming over to my blog, and leaving a comment.

      I know, people are soooooo bussssssy. -smile- I also know, I easily forget that I am not soooooo bussssssssy at this later time in my life. (In my busssssy time, there was no internet!)

      I just have to "get it out of my system," now and then. And do a "moan and groan" post. LOL. Then get myself back to being content, to blog because I want to... And be very grateful for the wonderful people, who to comment.

      A 'Nana' in the upper NE of the US

  2. Gosh, it's ages since I did any crochet - I'm too far down the knitting rabbit hole. Your blanket is tempting me though. xx

    1. I had’t done any crochet since I was a child I picked up the hook again about 7 or 8 years ago starting with granny square baby blankets for colleagues at work and I got bored doing the same thing so started looking at other ways of doing blankets and it’s gone on from there so you never know you may get hooked (excuse the pun) again.


  3. I really like this blanket and the border. The colours are just right and are very on trend. jo x

    1. Thank you Jo I have shown my son & his partner and they love it so it's nice to know I'm on the right track.



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